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Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Champion Alter

Chemicoons Brushfire of Concordance

aka "Ace"

Stunningly beautiful, intensely loving and just plain goofy (typical of a Fire kid) are the words that best describe Ace. Ace was owned and adored by my friend Tereasa Brainerd and her husband Tom. He was such a love-bug that he would sit on Tereasa's pillow every night, making biscuits, with his muzzle stuffed in her ear and purring as loudly as he could. Ace discovered the game of "fetch" when he was about 4 months old. Once he got it completely figured out, Ace demanded to play long games of fetch with Tereasa every day, running up and down the hallways in her house, or up and down her office at work for 15 to 20 minutes at a time. Ace's favorite "fetchy" toys were rabbit's feet, ring toys made from pipe cleaners, and a silky feather boa teaser, complete with the stick.

Ace was born with a heart condition that was so rare it had never before been seen by the world wide veterinary cardiology community. With the expert advice of Dr. Robert J. Schutrumpf III from the Massachusetts Veterinary Referral Hospital, Ace was able to lead a completely normal life. To be sure that Ace always got his medications on time, Ace went to work with Tereasa every day, where he would hang out in her office at Boston University. He was so outgoing and so sweet that he made lots of friends at BU, and faculty and students would often drop by to visit Ace (not Tereasa!) if there were having a tough day and needed a good kitty hug to cheer them up. Ace was always happy to teach anybody who came to visit the right way to throw his toys and play fetch with him at work, too.

Ace was well on his way to a top international win in TICA's alter class in 2012 when he died very suddenly and unexpectedly. One minute he was playing with toys and the next minute our beautiful boy was gone. Words can't express how devastated we are by Ace's passing, and how much we miss him every single day.

My deepest gratitude to Tereasa (and Tom) for their unconditional love and devotion to this special boy. I will never be able to properly thank them, but hope they know much it means to me.


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