*Kittens are never shipped. 

*We have no available kittens and any litters planned for 2021 will  be offered to those on our existing waiting list.

The images below show many of the litters born in my cattery. As a small breeder, I typically average just two litters a year. My goal as a breeder is to produce kittens/cats that not only meet the breed standard, but that have amazing temperaments and health.

To find out about my current litter, a planned litter, previous litters or to read the article I wrote titled, "The Cost of a Pedigree Cat", please click on "Kittens" from the menu and the top and select one of the options from the drop-down menu.


BREEDERS: I very rarely place breeding cats with breeders and when I do, it is only with those I know personally who share the same breeding philosophies as I have. I do not sell breeding cats to make money & I do not want my lines in all directions. I put value on those lines that are unique, healthy & have great temperaments. When looking for new cats for my own program, I look for the same thing. My goal is not to have Chemicoons' breeding cats widespread all over the world. It is to make amazingly friendly, healthy and happy pets which better our great breed.


Maine Coon Cats

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