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Outstanding Dam, Double Grand Champion Chemicoons Madame Marie Curie

I couldn't be happier with Marie and is why I kept her.  She has the sweetest temperament, a long, hard body and fabulous type.  She's very much mommy's girl....we share a very special bond.  I enjoyed traveling to shows with her in the summer/fall 2006.

I'm pleased that she has followed in her mother & grandmother's footsteps by producing beautiful babies for me.   Both her mother, father, grandfather and grandmother are TICA Outstanding Sires/Dams and now, November 2009, so is she!
More pictures of Marie coming.

Marie's Grands (see slideshow left for some of her kids):
QGCA Chemicoons Virgil Von Vegas
GCA Chemicoons He's A Hoot!
RW SGC Chemicoons Sin City Sue of LAPD
RW SGCA Chemicoons Gunner Blue
RW GC Chemicoons Georgia Moon of Spirritz
RW SGC Chemicoons Molybdenum

**Spring 2013: Marie and House have gone to live with my friends Deena and Rodger (also professors) where they will be the queens of their home. I miss them both terribly, but did what I thought was in their best interest.


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