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2022 Liz with Willie

Liz pictured in 2021 with LA SGC Chemicoons Leonard H PhD
and OS LA SGC Chemicoons Theo's USA Pride Willie

My introduction to this amazing breed occurred in 1999 when a professor in graduate school bought a kitten & brought him in one day. I was mesmerized by this stunning kitten and the rest, as they say, is history. In 2001, I adopted his full, younger brother. By this time, I had also attended a few shows with that Professor and realized I would like to show a cat in the spayed/neuter class. Unfortunately, my new baby didn't share the same opinion of showing so he was soon joined by a second Maine Coon companion. After a bit more success, I was hooked on both cat shows and more specifically, Maine Coons. Educating myself about feline husbandry and Maine Coons, showing my cats and networking within the cat fancy all laid the foundation for my own cattery and Chemicoons was born. 

The name Chemicoons is a merger of the words "chemical" and "Maine Coon" which represents my two vocation as Chemistry professor and my hobby as Maine Coon enthusiast.  My cats are named after various elements, compounds, famous scientists and all things Chemistry related.

I am an active participant in Maine Coon Breed Groups, served a term as the elected Vice-President of the Maine Coon Breeders & Fanciers Association (MCBFA), am a three-term elected breed committee member in TICA, TICA Maine Coon Breed Committee Chair, TICA Great Lakes Regional Director, involved in Feline Health Research and The International Cat Association, all with an eye on my main breed these wonderful cats to produce beautiful, healthy and sweet "gentle giants" for my own home-based breeding program, but also in hopes of providing wonderful companions for other cat lovers as well.


All cats are screened healthy hearts and hips. All are DNA negative for the one mutation known for HCM and SMA. My cats/kittens are fed a high quality diet consisting of dry, canned and even raw. See my "links" page or "about my kittens" for the specifics on the diet I feed.

I was elected in 2016 & again in 2019 to 3-year term (2017-2020 & 2020-2022) as the Regional Director of the Great Lakes region of TICA and the Board of Directors. I have served as an elected member of the TICA Maine Coon Breed Committee for 10+ years and since 2017 have served as the TICA Maine Coon Breed Committee chair.

In 2019, I married breeding partner, Emmons Brown (LAPD Maine Coons). He lost his battle with Alzheimer's disease in early 2023 and with that, the end of LAPD.

2010:  LA SGC Chemicoons Firefox.



Maine Coon Cats

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