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The Stud

Lifetime Achievement Award Winner
International Winner, Supreme Grand Champion
Supreme Grand Champion Chemicoons Kelvin of Mainebits


Brown Classic Tabby & White
DOB: February 12, 2015
HCM DNA: Negative for mutation (N/N)
SMA DNA: Negative for mutation (N/N)

PK Deficiency DNA: Normal, but a Carrier (A/G)
HCM Screenings: Normal, May 2017, Oct 2018, Dec 2019 & Jan 2021

FHD Screening: Fair, May 2017




Kevin was a kitten born in the "Minion" litter whom I wasn't sure about as far as his type (if he was breeder/show quality) when it was time to make a decision on if he would go as a pet or stay for my breeding program. His mom Lori and my good friend Tereasa did have strong opinions that he was going to develop into a nice kitten/cat so I let Lori take him. We watched and waited and I am so happy to admit I was wrong - he sure is a lovely cat!  His head type is just amazing with ears the size and placement I want at his age, a profile with a gentle curve, deep/strong chin and his body is long, just as the Maine Coon standard calls for.  Best of all, he's got an amazing temperament. 


Lori and I co-own Kevin, she is not a breeder, but he will be part of the Chemicoons' breeding program when he gets older, and assuming he passes his heart and hip assessments.  In the meantime, we are having a blast showing him & are thrilled to report he is doing quite well. He is currently tied as the Best Maine Coon Kitten Internationally & 3rd Best Allbreed Kitten Internationally.



*Kevin actually lives with my good friends, the Dominicks, where he can run the house with their neutered pets and not have to live in a separate area of my house. I am eternally grateful that they love and spoil him....and for their friendship. They also own and show his newphew, RW SGCA Chemicoons Fenian Fire, and father, RW SGC Witchcraft Sweet Chilli Fireball (who is now neutered).


QGC Chemicoons Edcent of 3Dogs

IW RW SGCA Chemicoons Diluted Solution
RW DGC Chemicoons Loxa Blue of Dracoonfly

IW RW SGCA Chemicoons Helium of Concordance

Photos below by Helmi Flick, 2015 & 2017. All Rights Reserved.


Maine Coon Cats

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