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Retired Stud

Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Champion

Witchcraft Sweet Chilli Fireball of Chemicoons

Since the minute Fire entered my life, I knew I wanted a second cat from my friend, Burgi, in Austria. Many years later, the right kitten has come along - meet Chilli! Once I saw this darling boy, I hoped he would be mine. Many thanks to long-time friend, Burgi, and Victoria, for this bundle of joy!



He has just arrived here in the US (thanks to Monika Dany) and I'm already smitten with him. He was purring within minutes of coming out of his crate! 


Chilli is a deep, mahogany red color with a nice, square muzzle, deep chin and ears that have just the right size and placement for his young age. And he has the same expression as his sister, Fire, which I love.


Pictured below is just after his arrival & meeting my pet-sitter, neighbor McKenna. Pictured below when I knew he was meant to be a Chemicoons' cat!


*Chilli actually lives with my good friends, the Dominicks, where he can run the house with their neutered pets and not have to live in a separate area of my house. I am eternally grateful that they love and spoil him....and for their friendship. They also own and show his newphew, RW SGCA Chemicoons Fenian Fire.


Red Classic Tabby
DOB: March 24, 2013

HCM DNA: Negative for mutation (N/N)
SMA DNA: Negative for mutation

PK Deficiency DNA: Negative for the mutation (N/N)
HCM Screening: Normal March 2014 & July 2015
FHD Screening: Normal March 2014

Agouti Results: A/a (carries for solid pattern)
Dilute Result: D/d (carries for dilute colors)



Chili and his owner, Junior Exhibitor RJ Dominick.


Maine Coon Cats

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