RW SGC Calicoon Bricks N Ivy of Chemicoons


Meet "IVY" (in following suit from her dad Rizzo's Chicago Cubs theme). This little lady was born at my friends' home (Lynne Sherer and Beth Hicks). Both women have been instrumental in my breeding program since my first litter when they allowed me stud service to their boy. We've remained good friends since. Now that they are winding down their 40+ years of breeding, they find themselves with just one female and no male. They came to us to use our boy Rizzo (IW SGC LAPD Go Cubs Go of Chemicoons).  The litter turned out to be amazing and I had my eye on this beauty from the beginning.

Ivy has the best personality of our girls. She's so friendly, sweet and silly. She stands on her hind legs to get our attention and some head scratches.  She has an amazing coat (from her dad) and good boning. Her ears sit high on her head and she has a sweet and open expression.



Red Classic Tabby & White
DOB: September 13, 2018
HCM DNA: Negative for mutation (N/N)
SMA DNA: Negative for mutation (N/N)
PK Deficiency DNA:  Negative for mutation (N/N)
HCM Screening: Normal, March 2019




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