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IW SGC Chemicoons Stephen Hawking of LAPD

So there was this beautiful girl named "Cece". She came to us from our dear friend Janet at Whatatrill. Cece is a stunning silver torbie & white girl that hit the ground running with her show career.  I had a blast showing Cece and you can read about her on her page. She had the most perfect head type and long body. She has an outgoing personality. She really has it all except a uterus that wasn't happy. Cece developed a uterine infection during the season we were showing her. Thankfully, we caught it early and not only saved her life, but she was able to have two successful litters. However, due to her history, I wanted to keep something from her and spay her. She was an awesome mom (and is now a beloved pet of Kathleen). Her second, and last, litter gave us four beautiful and healthy kittens. Two of the boys really stood out - Silver Bells and Blitzen. For the first time ever, i decided to keep littermates to "grow them out" and decide at a later time. There were things about both I liked. There were things about both I'd change. We took them to a show at 4 months of age. They both finaled. We took them to a show at 5 months & at that show I could see the differences between them starting to emerge. Blitzen had the taller & tighter ear set. He had the taller & longer body. He weighed more. The decision was made. We'd keep Blitzen for our breeding program and let Billy go live in California with another of our pets. It killed me to let him go (I was so attached by this age) and he was a silver tabby. However, structure is more important that color so I let him go.

Blitzen is the sweetest stud cat I've had. He loves EVERYONE (even other males). He had an amazing show season & earned top honors as an International Winning Kitten AND Cat. This all happened in the same show season!

Blitzen has recently started siring babies and we're so thrilled with what he is giving us (in addition to the outcross pedigree). His son Leonard is even better than he is and I anticipate in 2021, to retire Blitzen and continue on with his son.

July 2020: Blitzen has been neutered as we have his son Leonard now in our breeding program. Blitzen will be headed over the pond to live the life of luxury this fall with our dear friends, Veerle and Patrick.




Blitzen at 4 months

Brown Classic Tabby & White
DOB: December 2, 2017
HCM DNA: Negative for mutation (N/N)
SMA DNA: Negative for mutation (N/N)

PK Deficiency DNA: Negative for mutation (N/N)
HCM Screening: Normal, March 2019 & July 2020
FHD Screening: Good, October 2018






Blitzen's 2018-019 TICA Yearbook ad.


Maine Coon Cats

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