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Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Champion
Whatatrill California Girl of LAPD

Meet Fluffy......the newest addition to the Chemicoons & LAPD family from my dear friend, Janet Brown. I simply adore all of my Whatatrill girls and when her mom (bred by us) produced this darling little spitfire, I couldn't resist. Like half sister Cece, she has amazing type, temperament and a body like a male. She loves showing and loves people.

Where did the name "Fluffy" come from?  Well, we couldn't agree on a nickname for her and she had lots of coat, so we just called her "Fluffy" while we sorted things out. In the end, the name stuck!

NEWS: Fluffy became a one show DOUBLE GRAND CHAMPION at just 8 months and 1 day old. Go Fluffy!!

Brown Mackerel Torbie & White
DOB: March 24, 2017
HCM DNA: Negative for mutation (N/N)
SMA DNA: Negative for mutation (N/N)
PK Deficiency DNA: Negative for mutation (N/N)
HCM Screening: Normal, March 2018, March 2019 & July 2020

FHD Screening: Normal, March 2018


*Fluffy and Kevin welcomed their first litter on Christmas Day 2018. The theme of their litter is Christmas Movie Characters.


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