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New Home Litter

LA SGC Pajocoons Theobromine & RW QGC Spirritz Element of Chemicoons welcomed their first litter a week early.  Meet "Escrow" and "Mortgage" born on closing day of my new home. Escrow is a red classic tabby w/white boy and Mortgage is a brown classic tabby w/white boy. Both are reserved.


Both parents are negative for the HCM & SMA DNA mutations, which means all kittens will be as well, and both have also screened clear for HCM via echocardiogram by board-certified cardiologist Dr. Cecilia Marshall.



The boys at 10 days old.
Escrow is now living the high life in Manatoba, Winnipeg (Canada) and named Chemicoons Neils Bohr.
The boys at 8 weeks old.
Mortgage is headed to Raleigh, North Carolina, to be pampered by the Oliva's and named Chemicoons Logan.


Maine Coon Cats

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