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Coonpaws Dihydrogen Monoxide of Chemicoons

Meet Heidi.....all the way from Austria and my friend Alex Enzinger. I have ALWAYS wanted a tortie and white girl, but never found just the right one (or produced one of my own). When Heidi was just a little kitten, I saw her pictures and begged Alex to let her come live in the US. Lucky for me she said yes!


Heidi has only been here a short time, but has already won her way into my home and heart. She LOVES LOVES LOVES people (perferring to lay on my chest while I work on my laptop) and to show. She's a toy stalker and will fight off the older cats for what she wants (the toy).


Her type is fabulous - a very strong, solid muzzle, chin and clean profile topped off with ears placed nicely on her head and she has a long, long, long body. Her tail is so long right now she seems disproportionate, but I know that's a sign she is going to be a big girl.


Look for more Heidi updates as she grows up. Thank you to Alex and her family for this sweet girl.  Thank you to Janet Brown (my dear friend who is the breeder of both of her parents) for not only her permission for Heidi to come here, but for helping me get her!

Black Tortie & White
DOB: June 26, 2014
HCM DNA: Negative for mutation
SMA DNA: Negative (N/A)
PK Deficiency DNA: Negative (N/N)
HCM Screening: Clear February 2015

FHD Screening: "Fair" 2015
Agouti Results: a/a (She is a solid)
Dilute Results: D/d (she carries for dilute colors)


*Heidi masks the mackerel tabby pattern.



Maine Coon Cats

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