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Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

International Winner, Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion

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Kitten of the Year

Cat of the Year

​If I could describe the perfect Maine Coon - this is it!  She is the cat that I love to look at in my home everyday as she is just stunning.

House is a momma's girl and after traveling all over the US (and Canada) showing her for two show seasons, and her earning TWO top international awards, we have a very special bond.

At her very first kitten show, when she was just 4 months and 1 day old....competing against 50 other kittens, she was Best in Show. At that point, I knew she was a keeper!

She inherited her great show star quality from her parents (her mom, Fire, is a top winning cat & dad, Hot Purrsuit, was the Best Allbreed Kitten in TICA for the 2004-2005 show season).

I couldn't be more proud of this girl.

Her favorite part of showing/traveling with to check out every hotel's bathroom sink. She loved to lay in the sinks & play. The perfect traveler, we spent many miles on airplanes, hours in airports and time with friends all over the US (and even Canada).

She was Best Cat in show many times & with her TWO International Wins (as a kitten in 2010 & an adult in 2011) and three Regional Wins (BEST Kitten 2009-2010, 20th Best Cat after two shows 2009-2010 & then BEST Cat 2010-2011), she earned the coveted title of Lifetime Achievement Award in TICA. A very prestigious title and even more rare to find a female with it. (Although her mom also earned it!)

She was screened for HCM in September 2010 & found to have no signs of the disease & a very healthy heart! She is negative for the MyBPC3 mutation associated with HCM by parentage. Unfortunately, I didn't think her hips were good enough to be in a breeding program & she has been spayed.

Spring 2013: One of the most difficult decisions of my life was in deciding it was in House's best interest to live with my good friends, and colleagues, Deena and Rodger. House had grown very over-weight and managing her reduced calorie diet in a house with cats who need to eat high calories was impossible. I also believe she deserved more attention in a house with fewer cats. To that end, House is now living near-by with my friends and I visit her often. She went with Marie (so that they had each other for company) and has settled into the life of pampering by the Hergert's very quickly.  I miss her terribly, but am grateful to my friends.


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