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Outstanding Dam, Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

International Winner, Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion

Witchcraft Flash Fire of Chemicoons

I don't even know where to begin as far as a description of this girl. She constantly amazes me & is a true joy to call my own. Fire has quite the fan base and has not only had amazing success in her own show career, but has produced numerous offspring with similar success.

As a show cat, Fire is one of the very, very few female cats to achieve the title Lifetime Achievement Award winner in TICA. She obtained this after earning regional awards as both a kitten, two times as an adult and also an International Winner as an adult.

Even more impressive is her work as a certified therapy cat! In this, she visits hospitals and nursing homes.

Fire came to the US after I saw her kitten pictures on the website of my now friend, Burgi Petz, in Austria. I wrote to Burgi asking if, by any chance, this kitten was available and after further discussion about my breeding program and practices, Burgi agreed to let Fire come to the US!


Now, as I write this some 5+ years later, I cannot image my life without this crazy girl, or my friendship with Burgi. Fire is an "in your face" cat who makes me laugh on a daily basis, a personality I hope all of my kittens have and is one of the best mothers I've ever had.

Fire was spayed in the Spring of 2013, but she has remained in my house as I'm quite attached to this Austrian lady.


Fire is dam to several top-winning show cats, including another female Lifetime Achievement (and two-time International Winner)!


Spring 2013: With the one-day granding of her son, Firelight, Fire has now earned the elite title of OUTSTANDING DAM. She is the very first Maine Coon cat to earn both the LA and OD titles!! My sincere gratitude to all of the owners of these cats.


LA IW RW SGC Chemicoons Firefox

RW SGC Chemicoons Wildfire

RW SGCA Chemicoons Brushfire

RW SGCA Chemicoons Fenian Fire

LA IW SGCA Chemicoons Firelight


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