International Winner, Supreme Grand Champion
Whatatrill Selenium of Chemicoons

Black Silver Classic Tabby & White
DOB: Feb 5, 2015
HCM DNA: Negative for mutation
SMA DNA: Negative for mutation (N/N)
PK Deficiency DNA: Negative for mutation (N/N)

Carrier for dilute colors (D/d)
Non-carrier for solid colors (A/A)
HCM Screening: March 2016

FHD Screening: "Normal" March 2016



Meet Selene (now Cece)......the newest addition to the Chemicoons' family. She comes to me from my close friend Janet Brown of Whatatrill cattery in California. When I met her father, IW SGC Whatatrill Stetson, I fell in love. He is an extrodinary example of the breed. When one of his first litters produced this little girl, I asked Janet to keep an eye on her for me. Much to our happiness, she developed into quite the kitten.


What can I say about her, she is simply exquisite. Her type is exactly what I look for in a breeding cat. She has a long, square muzzle, great scoop to her clean profile, deep chin, and ears placed and sized just as I want as a breeder. To top it all of is her silly and sweet temperament. Thank you, Janet, for this treasure!

Cece and I traveled to the TICA Annual in Austria in 2016 and to my a class dominated by males, she came out as not only Best Maine Coon Kitten, but 3rd Best of the Best (my very first top 3 at an Annual). You can see some of my favorite pictures from the show below.

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