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The Retired Stud

Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, Breed Winner

International Winner, Regional Winner

Supreme Grand Champion Pajocoons Theobromine of Chemicoons

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Brown Classic Tabby

DOB: October 30, 2011

HCM DNA: Negative for MyBPC3 mutation

SMA DNA: Negative for mutation

HCM Screening: Clear 2012 & 2013

FHD Screening: OFA "Good" 2012


Meet Theo - or maybe you already have!  This sweet boy has made many, many fans (and friends) all over the world in his travels to shows.

Theo came from my friends Wim and Marie-Jeanne Straetmans in Belgium in the Spring of 2012 and similar to Fire, I think bringing him was well worth it!

If someone asked me to describe Theo it would be to begin with a discussion of his personality - it is simply amazing. He is the most gentle of cats yet LOVES all toys. He's a complete nut!  His boning, size and coat are what I also am anxious to see if he passes down to his offspring as they too are exquisite! As a mature male, he has a huge head with ears still nicely placed (at least when he's alert and playing) . His eyes are somewhere between gold and green which make you melt when he looks at you.

My most award winning cat as far as his show results, I am constantly amazed at the number of Best Cat awards he's been awarded (80+ I was recently informed by his breeder, Wim) and by more than 25 different judges. He finished the 2012-2013 show season as 4th Best Allbreed Cat Internationally and Best Allbreed Cat in the USA. These awards, coupled with his three Regional Awards, earned him the coveted TICA title of "Lifetime Achievement Award Winner".


Theo's number one fan is Zach (you can see Zach pictured with Theo in the slide show) and his brothers Caleb and Nathan. Zach has been assisting me in showing Theo and showing him in the TICA Junior Exhibitor program since Theo was a kitten.  Zach's recent accomplishment was in teaching Theo's son "Firelight" about the showhall and the Junior program.

Theo sired three litters of kittens and I'm thrilled he is passing along his lovely temperament to them and enjoys spending his time assisting mom in caring for them. I'm overjoyed to report that in the same show season, Theo and his son (Fireflight) are both earning International Wins in TICA!


*Fall 2013: Theo was unhappy as a whole boy and in putting his happiness first, I made the difficult decision to neuter him. He will remain with me as a spoiled pet and possibly work as a therapy cat in his retirement (something I know he will be great at).


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