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Meet Jase

Lifetime Achievement Award Winner
International Winner, Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion

Chemicoons Theo's Belgian Pride Jase

(Written by his uncle Tealc - pictured right)


Auntie Liz asked me to write Jase’s story.
So here is how I see it.

Jase : from Baby to Beast

Jase is born on Oct, 9 2013 and is one of the famous ducks from the Duck Dynasty litter. His Mum is RW SGC Fogcity Distilled of Chemicoons (Tilly) and his Dad is LA SGC Pajocoons Theobromine of Chemicoons (Theo) who by the way is my younger brother. They were 6 littermates, 4 already had
found a nice family, only Willie and Jase were still at Auntie Liz’s home.

From the start it was obvious that Willie was ment for the « important » jobs: showing and breeding. Jase, not having the necessary show qualities (according to Auntie Liz), would go to a good pet home.

After my short showcareer and those, even shorter, of my coonsisters and brothers, Mum & Dad wanted (read : were desperate to have) their very own show cat.

On an ordinary evening in December, one question ‘Is he for sale ? ’ and one answer « Are you serious ? » will change Mum and Dad’s (and our) life in a way no one would have been able to predict.

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Baby Jase with his two the top is my mum meeting baby Jase for the very first time. Below is Auntie Liz visiting Europe in Sept 2015 and holding Jase.

Auntie Liz, convinced Jase will love shows but will probably not be a good, let alone a top, show cat, warns Mum and Dad on several occasions but Mum & Dad are determined, they want a cat that loves showing no matter how good or bad he does. So it is decided, Jase is coming to Belgium !

The following weeks, plans are made for a trip to Chicago to pick up Jase, arrangements are made for a cat sitter … and the countdown to March, 9 2014, can start for Mum & Dad. We will have to wait 10 extra long days from when they leave.

What I will tell you now, I did not witness but I saw pics and pics never lie. Auntie Liz picked up Mum & Dad at the airport and Baby Jase accompagnied her to the airport. Dad was the first to see him and fell in love immediately. Mum had to wait a couple of hours more until they arrived at Auntie Liz’ home. Then something magical happened, it was more than love at first sight, it was just meant to be. From that moment on, Jase just knew he was going home with Mum & Dad. (see the picture at the top of mum meeting baby Jase).

What follows then is an amazing holiday in the US meeting Auntie Liz, lots of new people and Auntie Liz’s amazing neighbours, Tracy, Bart, McKenna and Thomas. Friendships for life are made.

While in the US, Jase is participating at a TICA show, 6 finals later, Mum and Dad are convinced, Jase loves shows and will represent the Chemicoons family with proud during the next TICA showseason. (Auntie Liz still isn't convinced).

Meanwhile, we are starting to be impatient at home to finally meet Jase better known as Baby Jase. Wednesday morning, March, 19 2013, Mum, Dad and Jase are home after a long trip. Jase felt at home immediately, we all wondered how that « hairy » cat could possibly be a showcat (maybe Auntie Liz was right, after all).

It is quite obvious that Jase is the cat that suits our family to perfection. Mum and Dad are in love with him and for some inexplicable reason Jase brings peace among all of us and even conquers Fidji’s heart.

For his first 2 shows in Europe Jase was still at kitten and did not do very well against all the huge Maine Coons competing at the time. Nevertheless, Mum and Dad are happy, they can go to cat shows without being stressed. Jase absolutely loves it. He loves showbaths, and believe me, with all his messy fur it is quite a challenge to get and keep him clean, traveling and meeting new (human and feline) friends.

Meanwhile Jase is getting neutered and Mum and Dad decide that Jase’s next show will be their show, the EN Regional on October 11 and 12, 2014 in Belgium. Jase just turned out 1 year and does quite well for his first show as an Alter. He manages to get 5 finals with 2 bests. Mum and Dad are over the moon.

In the next 6 months Jase will participate at 8 more shows. Some of them with his brother Willie who flew over to Europe. They were and are still good friends and Mum decides they look like Beauty and the Beast, Willie being so sophisticated compared to Jase. From that moment on, Jase goes through life as The Beast and Willie as Beauty.

Besides from being The Beast, Jase develops very well and is a true gentle giant. He has the most amazing temperament and meets the standard very well.

Jase becomes a SGCA in only 3 shows and will end the 2014-2015 TICA show season as #3 Best Alter in the EN Region and #32 Best Alter in the world.

Mum and Dad are on cloud nine and Auntie Liz starts to admit that maybe RW Chemicoons Theos Belgian Pride Jase is a good show cat after all.

Mum, Dad and Auntie Liz start to dream … what if an IW would be possible for the next season?

They decide to give it a go and we are all proud to announce that IW SGCA Chemicoons Theos Belgian Pride Jase will be in TICA’s history for the 2015-2016 show season as :


  • Best Alter in Europe North (and all of Europe)

  • Best MC Alter worlwide

  • #5 Best Alter Worldwide

Mum and Dad are still on cloud nine and Auntie Liz, … Well she admitted publicly that Jase is a Top Show Cat !

And what if the next season Jase could obtain his LA ? The dream goes on!

What more to say than a big thank you to Auntie Liz for letting us have Jase. She is an amazing breeder and now considered family!



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